"Court may demand neither truth nor even frankness from the parties, it is nothing but veracity which they are obligated to it".
P. Porohovtshikov, a Russian lawyer

The very idea of jurisprudence implies observing the ethical standards, that is the every action of a person ought to comply with the notions of kindness and evil, justice, conscience, good, duty, responsibility, dignity and honor, which are conventional for the society. These notions are fundamental for the professional moral code of the Bar.

Moral requirements are unified for each and every legal proceeding; they include impeccable keeping the law, objectiveness, respect towards the dignity of every participant and thoroughness.

In their practice Gessen Law Firm is guided by the following fundamental principles laid down by the flagships of the Russian Bar:

Perfect keeping the Law of the Russian Federation
Our approach to cases permits neither breach of the law, nor providing conditions for it.

Expert and high-quality legal advising
Our legal service is based upon expert knowledge in law, thorough reading into the documents and information provided by the client, perfect awareness of judicial opinion regarding our clients' issues.

Conscientious and sensible approach to the commissions discharged
When discharging our clients' commissions we understand the corresponding purposes and goals searched by our clients.

Comprehensive examining our clients' legal problems
We believe that legal service cannot be formal and superficial. Legal advice ought to consider all the circumstances and niceties of the issue.

Timely legal advising
We provide services to our clients with respect to their request for timing. Alongside this, urgency of advice cannot affect its quality. Nevertheless, unfounded delay is also inappropriate.

Full confidentiality of the received information (professional secrecy)
We ensure full confidentiality of the information provided by our clients. We undertake to keep commercial and/or official secrets, as well as maintain secrecy of any other information which comes to our lawyers notice in the context of dealing with client's case, regardless of the legal status of this information as commercial and/or official secrets. Professional secrecy is our absolute priority.

Individual approach to clients, adherence to ethic code
Gessen Law Firm establishes proper professional relationships with its clients, their staff and contractors. We believe that legal advising ought to be comfortable and convenient for the client.